H G Peters Wonder Woman 1944 Promo Art Harry George Peter - Wonder Woman

H. G. Peter

Born March 8, 1880 - Died 1958.

Harry George Peter was the original Wonder Woman artist, and was the co-creator with William Moulton Marston.

H. G Peter Wonder Woman

Original Wonder Woman Artist

Wonder Woman H G Peter

Issue #1 of Wonder Woman, Summer 1942

Wonder Woman nuymber 1 - H G Peters cover 1942

Sensation Comics #13 - H G Peter 1943

Wonder Woman Sensation Comics 13

Sensation Comics #13, 1943, cover by H.G. Peter

Wonder Woman - H G PeterWonder Woman - H G PeterWonder Woman - H G Peter

Wonder Woman and Cheetah 1943

Wonder Womanissue 6 from 1943

H. G. Peters artwork for Wonder Woman #6, Fall Issue 1943. Cheetah and Wonder Woman in battle. More Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman - alias Miss Santa Clause

1945 H. G. Peter art Cover

Sensation Comics 38 Wonder Woman Santa Clause

See cover enlarged.

H. G. Peter artwork, Wonder Woman, 1948

H. G. Peter was the original Wonder Woman artist and gave the adventure stories (penned by Moulton) a friendly, plump look that still carried the lurking violence of superhero books. In these panels from issue 28 from 1948, Peter depicts the rampaging indomitability of Diana Prince. The story is simplistic and matches the simplicity in Peter's line art and storytelling, which is straightforward and marked by clarity. Full page here.

Wonder Woman 1948 action panel by H G Peter

Wonder Woman smashes a cannon, art by H G Peter

Wonder Woman lifts boulders, art by Peter, 1948

Wonder Woman carrying a heavy burden, planning to send Steve a mental radio beam

Wonder Woman 28 cover by H G peter

Wonder Woman comic strip, 1944

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, Artwork by H. G. Peter

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