Batman Motorcycle Capullo Artwork - Batman issue 6Batman Capullo Art

Greg Capullo

Batman Artist

American comic book artist probably best known for his current run on the "New 52" Batman for DC Comics since 2011. Some of his other works are:

  • Quasar (1991–1992)
  • X-Force (1992–1993)
  • Angela (1994)
  • Spawn (1993–1999, 2003–2004)
Capullo counts his influences as Frank Miller, John Buscema, Neal Adams, Gene Colan, Gil Kane, Frank Frazetta, animator Chuck Jones, and Mad comic book artist Mort Drucker

Issue 50

Batman Issue 50 Capullo


Batman - Greg Capullo art

Greg Capullo art

Batman & Robin

Batman and Robin- Greg Capullo art

Art by Greg Capullo

Batman #38

Cover art Batman #38 - 2015 Greg Capullo Artwork

Capullo - Batman #31

Fighting Lions - Batman 31 art by Capullo

Greg Capullo art from Batman #31, July 2014. More Capullo.

The Bat Cycle in Action - Batman #31

Batcycle by Capullo

Greg Capullo Batman

Capullo also published his own comic book The Creech through Image Comics. The character also appeared in various issues of Spawn. These were two three-issue miniseries.

The Creech by Greg Capullo

Greg Capullo Art from Batman 2

Detail from the cover of issue 2, "The New 52," DC Comics 2011 Detail from Capullo's cover to Batman Issue 2

Click image to enlarge to see full cover.

Capullo revisits Frank Miller's Batman vs Superman

Capullo Batman 20 Cover - Batman vs Superman

Greg Capullo's cover for Batman #20 - Read more on the Superman vs Batman page

Frank Miller SUperman vs Batman

Capullo Batman #15 Joker Page

Greg Capullo Batman - Page Issue 15

Joker takes a fiery beating from Batman, Greg Capullo page art. See enlarged.

Spawn 55 - Capullo & McFarlane

Spawn 55 Capullo and McFarlane

X-Force 19 Cover - Capullo


Art by Capullo - Batman

Greg Capullo

Batman "New 52" Run

Batman #31, July 2014, Brooding over Gotham, cover by Capullo

Batman #31, July 2014, the Bat-Cycle in action

Batman #31, July 2014, Fighting Lions - Capullo art

Batman #29, May 2014, Capullo bones cover

Batman #29, May 2014, Capullo Dr. Death page

Batman #26, Feb 2014, Capullo death fingers cover

Batman #24, Dec 2013, Capullo does Bob Kane Batman

Batman "New 52" #15, Feb 2013, Capullo Joker & Batman Page

Batman "New 52" #14, Jan 2013, Capullo Cover

Batman "New 52" #14, Jan 2013, Harley & Batman - Greg Capullo

Batman "New 52" #14, Jan 2013, Joker on bridge "Hello Darling" - Greg Capullo

Batman "New 52" #13 "Joker" die-cut cover - Greg Capullo

Batman "new 52" #12, Oct 2012, Becky Cloonan Art

Batman "new 52" #12, Oct 2012, Becky Cloonan Art

Batman "new 52" #11, Sept 2012, Capullo Cover

Batman "new 52" #11, Sept 2012, Capullo Page

Batman "new 52" #6, April 2012, Capullo Page

Batman "new 52" #3, Jan 2012, Capullo Cover

Batman "new 52" #2, Dec 2011, Capullo Cover

Batman "new 52" #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Cover

Batman "new 52" #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Page A

Batman "new 52" #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Page B

Batman "new 52" #0, Nov 2012, Capullo Page C

Original Page November 2013

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