FIrst Green Lantern 1940 - Sheldon Moldoff - All-American COmics #16

Green Lantern

Bill Finger and Martin Nodell created the first version of Green Lantern for All-American Comics #16, July 1940.

"As editor, [Sheldon Mayer, All American Comics, not Sheldon Moldoff] bought the silliest one-trick ideas from whatever artists walked through the door, as long as they were superheroes. But it worked. An advertising artist named Marty Nodell, who never knew that comics existed until he needed a job, took samples to Mayer and was told to "come back with a superhero." Marty walked to the subway trying to think of ideas and saw a workman holding a green lantern. So he threw together a hero clad in green, red, yellow, and black – with a huge purple cape – who finds a green railroad lantern, powered by a meteorite from ancient China, that generates a magic ring. It made no sense at all, but Mayer bought it. And then the kids bought it. Green Lantern was a hit." - Page 204, Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book Men of Tomorrow, by Gerard Jones, Published by Basic Books / Perseus 2004

Green Power Abuse

Green Lantern 61 - Gil Kane

Gil Kane Green Lantern #61 cover art. See enlarged.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors - Cover Art by Clayton Crain

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10

Art by Clayton Crain

Sinestro Annual 1 Cover

Sinestro Annual #1 art by Dale Eaglesham

Sinestro Annual #1, June 2015, cover art by Dale Eaglesham

Green Lantern

Green Lantern in the flesh

Green Lantern

Green Arrow #23

Power Ring Trouble

Green Lantern 67 - Gil kane Art

Green Lantern #67, Gil Kane Cover. See enlarged.

More Gil Kane

Green Arrow - Green Lantern, 1972

Green Lantern Green Arrow 89

Green Lantern #89, May 1972, cover by Neal Adams. Cover seems to connect to the popularity of stage plays Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell, both which became feature films in 1973.

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Neal Adams - Green Lantern #87, Dec 1971 - Jan 1972

Neal Adams artwork - the Black Lantern John Stewart Appears

Green Lantern #87, Dec 1971 - Jan 1972, Neal Adams / Dick Giordano cover

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Irwin Hasen art - Green Lantern & Harlequinn

Green Lantern 26

Green Lantern 29

More Irwin Hasen

Green Lantern - Davie Gibbons art


John Stewart "The Black Lantern" on the cover of Green Lantern #185, February 1985, cover art by Dave Gibbons. More John Stewart.

Jim Lee Green Lantern

Green Lantern - Darwyn Cooke Art

Darywn Cooke Green Lantern

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White Lantern

Hal Jordan needs the White Lantern - Kyle Rayner
Jessica Cruz - Green Lanterns issue 4

More Jessica Cruz - Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Green Lantern #26, June-July 1947, Irwin Hasen Cover art

Green Lantern #29, Dec 1947 - Jan 1948, Harlequin Irwin Hasen Cover art

Green Lantern #61, June 1968, Green Power Abuse

Green Lantern #67, March 1969, Gil Kane Cover

Green Lantern #87, Dec 1971 - Jan 1972, Neal Adams / Dick Giordano cover

Green Lantern #89, April-May 1972, Neal Adams - Christ-image

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