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Franklin Booth

July 8, 1874 – August 28, 1948

Pen and Ink artist extraordinaire with a unique style based upon wood-engraving techniques interpreted through his drawing.

As a boy Booth studied and copied illustrations from popular magazines, not realizing he was looking at engravings made from artwork, and not actual reproductions of pieces of artwork drawn in ink.

This ignorance of printing techniques from that era informed Booth's style which is packed with tonal information made through slight variations in pen line widths and their juxtaposition together to create grey areas.

In particular, Booth strived to create fields of depth using this technique, and his highly detailed artwork was popular throughout his career as a commercial artist and book and magazine illustrator.

The Little House

The Little House - art Franklin Booth

Franklin Booth Cemetery Artwork

1922 Organ Advertisement

Children on tree lined street

Children in forested street by Franklin Booth

Elephant Hunt - Pen and Ink by Franklin Booth

Elephant Hunt Franklin Booth artwork

Franklin Booth pen and ink art

Franklin Booth Pen and Ink Couple

Franklin Booth Hand of the World

Franklin Booth

Franklin Booth

Franklin Booth - Galleon sailing boat

Franklin Booth - Towering cliffs over sailing craft

Franklin Booth - Cemetery

Franklin Booth - Hilltop Couple

Franklin Booth - Forested Street

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