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Born January 27, 1957 in Olney, Maryland, raised in Vermont. Was a member of APA-5, and started in pro comics with work for Western Publishing (with their Gold Key Comics imprint) Twilight Zone in 1978, followed with 1978 work on DC Comics' Weird War Tales. Continued working with Marvel projects, finally taking over Daredevil which Miller reversed from a poor-sales title into a leading money-maker. During Jeanette Kahn's running of DC Comics, Miller was given the opportunity for a reconstruction of Batman, and The Dark Knight Returns was released as a four-issue "prestige" format comic miniseries. The rest is, as is said, history.

Final Page Dark Knight Returns

Good ENough - Frank Miller - Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller "Hunt the Dark Knight" Splash Page sets record - Heritage Auction yields $448,125

Xerxes - Dark Horse Comics

Xerxes Frank Miller

Xerxes page from Dark Horse Presents #1, April 2011.

Frank Miller

Frank Miller

Frank Miller Wonder Woman, Dark Knight Strikes Again

"Cheeseburger" Sequence from All Star Batman and Robin #4, with Frank Miller script and Jim Lee art.

Frank Miller "Hunt the Dark Knight" sets auction record

Frank Miller Xerxes page, Dark Horse Presents #1, April 2011

And you call yourself a Superman! - Frank Miller story, Jim Lee art, Batman and Robin All Star #5

Cover art for Dark Knight Returns #2, Frank Miller 1986

Fifty Percent Off

Sin CIty 50 Percent Off

Sept 2014: Not a good sign for this Frank Miller franchise.

Frank Miller Wonder Woman

Frank Miller Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman from Dark Knight Strikes Again

All Star Batman and Robin Issue 4 - what the hell

Frank Miller Elektra and Batman

Amazing Heroes  Frank Miller Elektra and Batman

Original Page July 2013 Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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