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Elektra Natchios is a Greek female ninja super-assassin created by Frank Miller while working on the Daredevil series at Marvel Comics. The charcter has continued to appear in marvel Comics' titles, in her own titled, and in a motion picture (Elektra, 2005, starring Jennifer Garner).

Sienkiewicz Elektra cover Daredevil #6

Daredevil and Elektra - 6 - Marvel 2016

More Sienkiewicz


Sienkiewicz Elektra

Art by Sienkiewicz


Elektra - Daredevil Civil War 6


Elektra - Art by Amanda Conner

Art by Amanda Conner


Elektra - Art by Phil Hester

Art by Phil Hester


Elektra -art by Bill Sienkiewicz

More Bill Sienkiewicz

Elektra, 1987

Bill Sienkiewicz art Elektra Assassin #8

Elektra Assassin #8, March 1987, Sienkiewicz Cover - see enlarged

Cover artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz


Daredevil and Elektra Daredevil and Elektra

Art by Gary Delauriers

Elektra Lives Again Frank Miller

Ultimate Elektra

Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra

Elektra Assassin Number 4, 1986

Elektra Assassin number 4 cover

Elektra Assassin cover issue 4, November 1986

Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra Assaasin page

Sienkiewicz lektra Assasin

"I hate Mayonaise" - See page enlarged.

Sienkiewicz Elektra


Elektra Assassin #3, Bill Sienkiewicz

Sienkiewicz art for cover of Elektra Assassin #3

"Hunting Party" detail from the cover of Elektra Assassin #3. See entire cover.

Elektra Saga cover - Frank Miller

Elektra Saga Frank Miller cover

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Elektra Sienkiewicz


Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra

Art by Bill Sienkiewicz

Frank Miller Elektra and Batman

Amazing Heroes  Frank Miller Elektra and Batman

More Frank Miller

Elektra by Jheremy Raapack


Daredevil - Elektra

Art by Kent Williams

More Daredevil

Punisher vs Elektra

Elektra Punisher

Art by Julian Totino Tedesco


Elektra Natchios

Elektra Assassin #3, Oct 1986, Elektra "Hunting Party" cover

Elektra Assassin #4, Nov 1986, Valentine cover

Elektra Assassin #4, November 1986, Bill Sienkiewicz page

Elektra Assassin #5, Oct 1986, Agent McBryde Panel

Elektra Assassin #5, Oct 1986, Agent McBryde Page

Elektra Assassin #8, March 1987, Sienkiewicz Cover

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