EC Comics

A publisher usually called "Legendary" and with good reason. It was the main company to torpedo the comics industry in the 1950s, or to raise it to new heights of quality (depending upon your point of view of the history) and is credited as one of the main reasons causing the creation of the "Comics Code Authority" which then went to the trouble to specifically ban words used in many of EC Comics' best-selling titles.

Also the birthplace for Mad Comics/ Mad Magazine and the starting point for a whole new style of cartooning.

Highly respected for the quality of its coterie of artists and the "O. Henry" writing that focused on twist endings.

Jack Kamen Shock Suspenstories #13 1954

Jack Kamen cover to Shock Suspenstories from 1954. See enlarged.

EC Comics

EC Comics

Shock Suspenstories #13, Feb-March 1954, Jack Kamen cover

Mad Magazine #5, June-July 1953, Bill Elder Cover

Mad #1, Oct-Nov 1952, Harvey Kurtzman cover

Mad Magazine #28, July 1956, Jack Davis Missile panels

Two-Fisted Annual 2nd Annual, 1953, Jack Davis Cover


Two-Fisted Tales #18, Nov-Dec 1950, Harvey Kurtzman bilge-rat cover

Two-Fisted Tales #27, May-June 1952, Kurtzman "Roadblock" cover

Harvey Kurtzman - Hey Look

The Comics Journal #67, Oct 1981, Harvey Kurtzman Air Burst Cover

The Comics Journal #153, Oct 1992, Jack Davis portrait cover of Harvey Kurtzman

Johnny Craig - Vault of Horror 35 - 1953

Art by Johnny Craig - Vault of Horror #35

Bill Elder art 1953 - Mad Magazine

Bill Elder Mad Magazine #5 Cover Bill Elder

See enlarged Bill Elder cover Mad Magazine #5, 1953

Two-Fisted Tales #27

Harvey Kurtzman Cover Two-Fsted Tales 27

Harvey Kurtzman art to Two-Fisted Tales #28- see enlarged.

More Kurtzman

AL Williamson - Weird Science #12

Weird Science 12 Cover

John Severin Cover

Two-Fisted Tales #32 - John Severin Cover

Two-Fisted Tales #32, March-April 1953

More John Severin

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