Wonder Woman 204 - Cover art by Don Heck Inks by Giordano - Jan-Feb 1973Don Heck Batgirl 1972

Don Heck

Born January 2, 1929 - Died February 23, 1995

Don Heck - Batgirl Attacks

Donald Heck was a co-creator of the original Iron Man, and worked on The Avengers for Marvel for a long run on that series. He worked at DC Comics, primarily on Batgirl and filling in on many other titles. He is particularly appreciated for his inking style, which when utilized for other artists (for example Jack Kirby 1963) helped make the penciling artists work appear sharp and precise. In his own work though, Heck's style became over the years a fully-blacked brush-heavy style which was painterly in how the blacks were placed and shaped.

Don Heck 1973 - Wonder Woman

Don Heck art - Wonder Woman 206 Wonder Woman art by Don Heck 1973

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Iron Man's first appearance - 1963

Tales of Suspence 39 Iron Man first appearance

Don Heck Batgirl

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Avengers 1968

Avengers 1968 - Don Heck Art

Don Heck art - Batgirl, 1971

Don heck artwork - Batgirl 1971

Don Heck 1971

Don Heck Batgirl Art

Don Heck 1971 Batgirl

Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 1Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 2Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 3Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 6

From Detective Comics #415, September 1971

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