Daredevil 1 - Tim Sale Variant Cover Daredevil - Anthony Petrie ArtDaredevilDaredevil Burning Building


Classic Marvel Comics superhero from April 1964. Stan Lee and original artist Bill Everett did the first issue, with Jack Kirby playing a part (the importance of which is disputed.)

An earlier character named Daredevil appeared in Lev Gleason Publications' Silver Streak #6 (Sept. 1940) by Joe Binder. Artist/writer/editor Jack Cole took over the character for the next issue of SIlver Streak, this time battling super villain Claw. Daredevil eventually teamed with a kids gang called The Little Wise Guys, and they eclipsed Daredevil in popularity, making the title character a side-feature in his own book.

Frank Miller's run on Daredevil rejuvenated the character in the 1980s for Marvel Comics, creating media momentum that culminated in the Ben Affleck film which came out in 2003 (to mixed reviews).

Charlie Cox - Daredevil TV Series


Daredevil - Elektra

Art by Kent Williams



New Bill Sienkiewicz cover Daredevil #6

Daredevil and Elektra - 6 - Marvel 2016

More Sienkiewicz




Daredevil - Alex Maleev

Art by Alex Maleev

Look It's Red Batman

Look Its Red Batpants

Daredevil 27

Daredevil 27 - Alex Maleev

Art by Alex Maleev



Daredevil 53 - David Mack Art

Art by David Mack


Daredevil #90 art by Lee Bermejo

Daredevil #90 art by Lee Bermejo



Daredevil #26 (2011)

Daredevil by John Romita JR

Daresevil 281 cover by John Romita Jr 1990

Daredevil 181 cover by John Romita Jr, June 1990.

More Daredevil, 1990

Daredevil 282 cover by John Romita JrDaredevil 283 cover by Mark Bagley

Daredevil 282 cover by Lee WeeksDaredevil 282 cover by Lee Weeks

  1. Daredevil #282 - John Romita Jr.
  2. Daredevil #283 - Mark Bagley
  3. Daredevil #284 - Lee Weeks
  4. Daredevil #285 - Lee Weeks



Art by Ryan Meinerding

Daredevil & Black Widow, 1973

Daredevil 106 - Black Widow and Daredevil

Rich Buckler / John Romita cover art. Daredevil #106, Dec 1973.

Daredevil #90

Daredevil 90 - Gil Kane Cover Artwork

More Gil Kane


Daredevil #16 NYC variant by Alex Maleev

Daredevil #16 variant by Alex Maleev

The gist: A man blinded by toxic waste which also enhanced his remaining senses fights crime as an acrobatic martial arts superhero.

Lynda Carter

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