Doctor Strange #1 by Chris BachaloWonder Woman Chris Bachelo Art

Chris Bachalo

Bachalo is famed for his work on Shade, the Neil Gaiman Death series, Sandman, Witchblade, New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Daredevil, Wolverine, Uncanny X-Men, among others.

Official Chris Bachalo web site here.

Chris Bachalo X Men Cover

Uncanny X-Men #4, June 2013, Chris Bachalo cover

Uncanny X-Men #4, June 2013, Bachalo 2-page spread

Uncanny X-Men #4, June 2013, Dragon Attack

Uncanny X-Men #4, June 2013, Chris Bachalo Explosion

Uncanny X-Men #4, June 2013, Bachalo X-Men pose

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Batman issue 44 recreation by Chris Bachalo

Batman 44 Reproduction by Chris Bachalo

Saw this fantastic 'reboot' of the Batman #44 cover art at the Comic Art Fans web site.

The original cover was by Jim Mooney for the 1947 original cover of Batman.

Jim Mooney Batman 44 cover art from 1947

Chris Bachalo Cover - Uncanny X-Men #17

Chris Bachalo Cover - Uncanny X-Men #17

Bachalo Art X-Men #2 Cover

Bachalo Art Battle of the Atom 4 Cover

Bachalo Catwoman Cover Art - Stan Lee Imagine

Bachalo Art #190 Cover X-Men

Bachalo Wolverine Attacks Art

Bachalo Captain America Art

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Bachalo Wolverine and X-Men #1 Cover Art

Black Cat and Spider-Man - Chris Bachalo

Black Cat and Spider-Man spread art by Bachalo

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Chris Bachalo art, Uncanny X-Men #4

Uncanny XMEN

See the entire 2-page spread, very enlarged - Uncanny X-Men #4, June 2013. Marvel Comics.

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Batman / Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman art by Chris Bachelo

Art by Chris Bachelo

Lynda Carter

Old Man Logan Book

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Art of JOCK The Art of Jock

Original Page Janaury 2015 | Updated Aug 2016
Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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