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Jim Lee and Frank Miller Dick Grayson

Cheeseburger, and I'm not your slave

All Star Batman & Robin #4

This sequence from All Star Batman and Robin #4 highlights the depth of obsession of Frank Miller's Batman and his commitment to a Spartan kind of training for crime-fighting (not to mention his ideal in which a crime-fighter is essentially 'called' to the task as if he or she was anointed to a task like a religious warrior).

Alfred isn't playing along though, and points out a few relevant facts to Bruce Wayne.

All Star Batman and Robin Issue 4 - that smell

All Star Batman and Robin Issue 4 - what the hell

All Star Batman and Robin Issue 4 - Rats

All Star Batman and Robin Issue 4 - chosen one

All Star Batman and Robin Issue 4 - not your slave

Alfred (Butler, Aide, Medic & cook) discusses Dick Grayson's diet with Batman. View entire page enlarged.

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Cover issue 4 All Star Batman and Robin

Inside the Batcave with Alfred, Dick Grayson, Batman and the giant penny. Art by Jim Lee. View cover art enlarged.

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