Elektra -art by Bill Sienkiewicz Gotham by Midnight #9 2015 Bill Sienkiewicz Hellboy by Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz

Born May 3, 1958 - Boleslav Felix Robert "Bill" Sienkiewicz has worked on virtually every major comic book character - Batman, Elektra, Spider-Man, etc - and on his own projects. He first got noticed for his work on Moon Knight in 1980, where he got his first comics work.

Official Bill Sienkiewicz Website (The two images directly below are from the Sienkiewicz web site)

Elektra Assassin #8

Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra Assassin #8 Splash art

Elektra: Assassin #8 Splash Page - Art by Bill Sienkiewicz

This piece sold at auction at Heritage for $14,340.00 on Feb 24, 2017

Bill Sienkiewicz Moon Knight artwork

More Moon Knight

Sienkiewicz Elektra

Sienkiewicz Elektra

New Bill Sienkiewicz cover Daredevil #6

Daredevil and Elektra - 6 - Marvel 2016

Bill Sienkiewicz Wonder Woman art

Sienkiewicz Wonder Woman - Tonight we dine in the Myscira

Sienkiewicz Elektra art

Elektra Sienkiewiz

The Bride

Bride  of Frankenstein - Sienkiewicz Art

More Bride of Frankenstein

More Frankenstein

Bill Sienkiewicz art  - Captain America 1989

Sienkiewicz - Luke Cage, Power Man

Sienkiewicz Luke Cage





More Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Scienkiewicz - Bizarro Superman

Bizarro Superman Scienkiewicz

More Bizarro Superman

Bill Sienkiewicz Batman

Bill Sienkiewicz Batman


Moon Knight #23, Cover - 1982

Moon Knight 23 cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

See cover Moon Knight 23 enlarged.

Elektra #3 (1986 limited series)

Elektra Panel

"Hunting Party" for issue 3 - see the entire cover enlarged.

Elektra #8 Cover


Elektra #4

Elektra Issue 4 Cover Bill Sienkiewicz

See the Bill Sienkiewicz cover enlarged.

Sienkiewicz Conan

Siekiewicz Conan

Sienkiewicz Black Widow

Black Widow

Scienkiewicz Spider-Man

Sciekiewicz Spider-Man

Bill Scienkiewicz Batman

Bill Scienkiewicz Batman

Scienkiewicz - Elektra

Elektra - Bill Scienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz Uncanny X-Men 2

Sienkiewicz Cover Uncanny X-Men issue 2

Uncanny X-men, 1984 - see enlarged.

Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra Assaasin page

Sienkiewicz lektra Assasin

"I hate Mayonaise" - See page enlarged.>


Sienkiewicz Elektra

More Elektra

Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz

Moon Knight #23, Sept 1982, Bill Sienkiewicz cover

Elektra Assassin #3, Oct 1986, Elektra "Hunting Party" cover

Elektra Assassin #4, Nov 1986, Valentine cover

Elektra Assassin #4, November 1986, Bill Sienkiewicz page

Elektra Assassin #5, Oct 1986, Agent McBryde Panel

Elektra Assassin #5, Oct 1986, Agent McBryde Page

Elektra Assassin #8, March 1987, Sienkiewicz Cover

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