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An influential comic book artist who began with various small print run independent comics in the 1960s and then became an integral part of DC Comics' mystery books of the 1970s. He branched out into personal projects (like his illustrated Frankenstein) and Hollywood design work. Along with Len Wein, Wrightson is co-creator of Swamp Thing.

Born October 27, 1948, in Dundalk, Maryland

Died March 18, 2017, Austin,Texas

Berni Wrightson has died

2017: From the Berni Wrightson Web Site:

"Bernie “Berni” Wrightson (born October 27, 1948, Baltimore, Maryland, USA) was an American artist known for his horror illustrations and comic books. He received training in art from reading comics, particularly those of EC, as well as through a correspondence course from the Famous Artists School. In 1966, Wrightson began working for The Baltimore Sun newspaper as an illustrator. The following year, after meeting artist Frank Frazetta at a comic-book convention in New York City, he was inspired to produce his own stories. In 1968, he showed copies of his sequential art to DC Comics editor Dick Giordano and was given a freelance assignment. Wrightson began spelling his name “Berni” in his professional work to distinguish himself from an Olympic diver named Bernie Wrightson, but later restored the final E to his name."


Wrightson Frankenstein ink illustration

Wrightson's mammoth 7-year project to draw Mary Shelley's original novel in a version not tainted by Hollywood influences, but rather re-envisioned as an "antique book" filled with period ink drawings that recall classic illustration time periods when engraving was the main printing process. Has been printed and reprinted in various editions with varying covers and sizes.

AMAZON: Hardback Dark Horse version: Frankenstein - 256 pages - Pub. 2011

AMAZON: Marvel 1983 version: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein (A Marvel Illustrated Novel) - 192 Pages

Swamp Thing #7

Swamp Thing #7 Batman Cover by Wrightson

Wrightson's version of Batman in 1973 reflected the revival of the dominant ideas that circulated in the original Batman comics of the late 1930s. Gotham City as a heavily-shadowed world of urban violence and strange happenings (such as Swamp Thing showing up) easily mixed with Wrightson's ink-heavy brush and pen work.

Berni Wrightson News

Feb 2017: Classic comic artist Bernie Wrightson has suffered serious health issues and has announced his retirement:

"...he has extremely limited function on his left side, and is unable to walk or reliably use his left hand, among other limitations.

We have had to come to the sad conclusion that he is now effectively retired: he will produce no new art, and he is unable to attend conventions."

Full information is on the Bernie Wrightson official web site

Berni Wrightson

Wrightson Cover

Wrightson art Superman Batman Annual #3, March 2009 art by Bernie Wrightson Colors Laura Martin

Superman Batman Annual #3, March 2009

Berni Wrightson, 1973

Swamp Thing 7 Berni Wrightson

From the "Batman" issue of Swamp Thing #7

Wrightson detail image Werewolf - 1975

House of Mystery Werewolf by Wrightson

Wrightson - Batman the Cult

Wrightson Batman the Cult 1Wrightson Batman the Cult 2Wrightson Batman the Cult 3Wrightson Batman the Cult 4

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