Bernie Krigstein - Master Race - 1955

Master Race

Impact #1, Mar-April 1955, EC Comics

Bernie Krigstein is famous within comicdom for his innovative design sense, clean linear drafting-like artwork, and his use of cut-and-paste (using waxed PMT copies of his artwork) to make duplicates and to rearrange a familiar 6-panel grid page into a more cinematic, motion oriented presentation.

"I was always impressed with Bernie's art. He was a very creative and original guy. I used to love his composition. He really worked at trying new things, and I appreciated some of those things he tried to do. Sometimes, well, maybe I would have done it differently, but I did think that he was creative, and I liked the way he arranged his panels. I sometimes had problems trying to make a nice composition, a dramatic composition, but he seemed to come off well in that area. He was never the same from one time to another. He was always exploring and I think that was one of the good things about him."

Interview with Johnny Craig, The EC Artists, Fantagraphics 2013, page 106.

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