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ARCHIVE PAGE 925 - January 2018


Avengers #123

Avengers 123 cover by Ron Wilson and John Romita

Avengers #123, May 1974, cover art by Ron Wilson

John Severin art

John Severin Art - Extra #4

Extra #4, Sept-Oct 1955

Harley Quinn kicks out the old year

Frank Cho art  - Harley Quinn kicks out the old year

Art by Frank Cho - his official facebook page

She Hulk 1989

Sensational She-Hulk 9 1989 Rick Leonardi Cover

Sensational She-Hulk #9, Dec 1989, Cover by Rick Leonardi

Angela Odinsdottir

Angela: Queen of Hel #2 - Odinsdottir

Angela: Queen of Hel #2, January 2016. Art by Kim Jacinto and Stephanie Hans

More Angela Odinsdottir

Detective Comics #973

Detective Comics #973 by Rafael Albuquerque

Detective Comics #973 art by Rafael Albuquerque

Action Comics #868 - Gary Frank Cover

Action Comics 868

Action Comics #868, Oct 2008, cover by Gary Frank

Black Canary, Batman, Catwoman

Black Canary, Batman, Catwoman

Source: nerd-first tumblr


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