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ARCHIVE PAGE 918 - December 2017


Dan Panosian - Slots #1

Dan Panosian Art - SLots 1 Page

Art by Dan Panosian - Slots #1, Nov 2017, published by Skybound and Image Comics.

Panosian's art is well done and has a cartoony-edge that is both 20th century retro and thoroughly 21st century modern at the same time. His design sense is well beyond the standard fare. Though his use of halftones is interesting and makes his art stand out in a distinctive way, a few times it is a bit too much and makes me instinctively think that the characters have chicken pox.

Slots Ashcan Edition - Amazon - Slots 1 Ashcan


A collected edition is slated for 2018 - AMAZON [Image Comics] Slots

Aquaman #6

Aquaman art cover by Mignola

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Starfire and Robin

Robin Dick Grayson and Starfire Kori - Picolo

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Charlie Brown and Snoopy Skateboard - Peanuts Cover


Velma Scooby Apocalypse

Art by Elias Chatzoudis

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Jack Kirby - The DNA Project

Jack Kirby art The DNA Project

Printed in Sandman Oversize Special #1, Oct 2017

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Batman White Knight

Batman White Knight

Art by Robert Carey


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