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ARCHIVE PAGE 913 - October 2017


Poison Ivy and Batman

Adventures in the DC Universe #3, June 1997, Art by Bruce Timm

First Green Lantern, 1940

All American Comics 1940 - issue 16 Green Lantern

All-American Comics #16, July 1940, cover by Sheldon Moldoff

Unemployed artist Martin Nodell needed work in 1940, went to visit the offices of All--American Comics, showed his art samples and was told to come back with superhero ideas. Completely unfamiliar with superheroes, Nodell walked to the subway, saw a workman with a green railroad lantern, and promptly dreamed up the idea of an avenging hero who is powered by a ring which is equally powered by the light from a green lantern - thus was The Green Lantern conceived.

More Green Lantern

Archie Meets Punisher

Archie Meets Punisher

Art by Stan Goldberg


Lee Bermejo - The Jokjer 2008

Art by Lee Bermejo

More Bermejo Joker

The Phantom #68

The Phantom

Art by Don Newton


Psylocke - Mahmud Asrar art

Art by Mahmud Asrar

Wonder Woman and Conan #1

Conan and Wonder Woman Cover issue 1

Review of Wonder Woman Conan Crossover #1

Girl's Love Stories #102

Jay Scott Pike cover - Girl's Love Stories #102

Art by Jay Scott Pike


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