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ARCHIVE PAGE 912 - October 2017


Harley and Ivy and Archie and Veronica

Art by Amanda Conner

More Archie

More Betty and Veronica

Supergirl #7

Supergirl Number 7 Cover with Zatanna

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol

Art by Bob Brown

Harley Quinn Punk Rocker

John Timms art  - Punk Rocker

Harley Quinn #5 - Kill you for a pizza

Jack Kirby 1972

Jack Kirby - Witch Queen of Sumaria - Weird Mystery #1 - 1972

Weird Mystery #1, Jul-Aug 1972, Art by Jack Kirby

More Weird Mystery #1, 1972

Marvel Super-Heroes #50

Marvel Super-Heroes 50 - Hulk and Sub-Mariner

Marvel Super-Heroes #50, May 1975, Cover by Marie Severin and John Romita

Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face

Penguin and Riddler and Two-Face

Art by Jose Ladronn - online web site


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