Iron Man Icarus Megalomania Mister Miracle 18

ARCHIVE PAGE 904 - September 2017

Mister Miracle, Joker, Kirby's The Demon, Iron Man, Barry Windsor-Smith Icarus, Big Barda



Aquaman 18 Joshua Middleton

Art by Joshua Middleton

Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle

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Batman Adventures #3, Dec 1992, Art by Ty Templeton

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Wonder Woman

Art by Marco Santucci

Art by Marco Santucci

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Jeff Job Hunter

INTERVIEW: Dave Gibbons on his earliest exposure to comics and the experience of having his work adapted by Hollywood - Comcs Beat

Legacy Isn’t Going to Save Marvel Comics - Paste

"...Marvel’s destructive trend in recent years: heavily inflated launches followed by near-immediate plummets. And their next attempt at repeating that algorithm with the upcoming “Legacy” initiative isn’t going to work.

...Monthly print comic sales don’t tell the whole story; publishers are notoriously dodgy about stating digital sales, and books like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl survive low monthly numbers because of consistent success in trade collections. But these numbers tell us enough to understand that Legacy, Marvel’s upcoming not-quite-a-relaunch that aims to bring back “classic” elements of the Marvel universe without jettisoning recent character additions, addresses few—if any—of Marvel’s current issues."

Marvel Legacy Lenticular Covers. - Big Bang Comics

Big Bang Comics

Reading Kirby's The Demon in 1973

Gone, Gone, the Form of Man... -

"In honor of Jack Kirby's 100th birthday, acclaimed novelist Glen David Gold discusses the importance of Kirby's work and how The Demon was the perfect comic for a child coming of age during the 1970s.

...I had insomnia, a lot. One night in my new house I finally read The Demon #16. It turned out The Demon is imprisoned and punished by his oldest foe, Morgaine Le Fey. She is one of Kirby's smiling, sexy, evil, powerful women—starting with the rough immoral babes of the 1950s romance comics and continuing with the Enchantress and Karnilla the Norn Queen. Like those others, Le Fey seeks to break this creature's will, in this case so that he will give her the Philosopher's Stone. This is an object with seemingly infinite power, the latest in a line of McGuffins—cubes, nullifiers, boxes, amulets—that Kirby designed. Having now read the series, I see a strange powerlessness in that final issue—the Demon barely acts, and when he does, he mostly fails. Instead, he's mostly acted upon and abused. I tend to see autobiography where maybe I shouldn't, and if not in Jack's life in this case (why wouldn't the lead character of a comic getting cancelled get kicked around by forces larger than himself?), then in my own."


Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Original Page September 12, 2017

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman