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Sam Glanzman Hospice fund raising

UPDATE JULY 12: Glanzman has passed away.

Glanzman Obits:

Sam Glanzman 1924-2017 - TCJ

Sam Glanzman Passes Away at 92 - Newsarama

Comics Artist Sam Glanzman Has Passed Away -

Sam Glanzman GOFUNDME page.

JULY 10, 2017: Comic book artist Sam Glanzman is currently in hospice care following a series of medical situations. The 92 year old artist has had a very long career in comics, starting in 1939, but he is best known for work from the 1950s on through the 2016 compilation of his USS Stevens biographical stories (mostly 4-pagers) used as backup features in DC Comics war books during the 1960s and 1970s (the volume is titled U.S.S. Stevens: The Collected Stories). Glanzman also has a highly regarded "graphic novel" autobiography detailing his World War II experiences which was originally published by Marvel as "A Sailor's Story" and recently reissued by Dover - amazon link: A Sailor's Story

More Sam Glanzman art - USS Stevens page from 2012

The Metal Men - Legends of Tomorrow

The Metal Men - Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow #1, 2016, Art by Yildiray Cinar. Inks by Trevor Scott and color by Dean White

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Abigail Brand

Abigail Brand in Star Lord #6 - 2017

Star Lord #6

Wonder Woman at $745,573,296 Worldwide

July 11, 2017: It's starting to look inevitable that Wonder Woman will lunge past the $800 million mark and will beat Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 for the early summer superhero sweepstakes (what Spider-Man: Homecoming does in the long run remains to be seen).

At this rate Patty Jenkin's film is pushing into a small club of DC / Warners' super-success where only Nolan's last two Batman films reside, and, if adjusted for inflation, the first Burton Batman and Christopher Reeves' 1978 Superman.

“Who’s the idiot?”

Gotham City Red-Head Central

Batman and Robin #35

Nightwing and Robin

Nightwing #20

Nightwing #20

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