Harley Quinn Wonder Woman Superman 21 - Hands off the Superdad The Wasp - Jim Starlin and Craig Russell Art  1973 Little Dots Aunts and Uncles 1973 issue 50 Mary Jane Watson Variant Covers 2017 by David Nakayama

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The Joker Art by James Ryman

Art by James Ryman

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"At my most cynical I also wonder if the world of comics might simply become a cheap R & D lab for Hollywood." - Neil Gaiman, page 226, The View from the Cheap Seats, Pub. 2016, William Morrow

Uncanny X-Men #281

Uncanny X-Men 281 Art by Whilce Portacio

Art by Whilce Portacio

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Punisher Mary Jane Watson

The Punisher - Dave Williams Art

Art by Dave Williams Art

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Freak Angels

Freak Angels - art Paul Duffield

Art by Paul Duffield

Supergirl Flames

Supergirl Flames


Javier Medellin Puyou Batgirl, Batman, Robin


Art by Javier Medellin Puyou - web site here

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They Won't Get Away With It

Little Lotta takes revenge on a band of bullies

Little Lotta 1 - confonts bulliesLittle Lotta 2Little Lotta 3Little Lotta destroy - lifts boatWhat StrengthLittle Lotta - Dont Do It Again

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Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman