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ARCHIVE PAGE 844 - April 2017


Marvel and the Ardian Syaf debacle

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Interview

Catwoman - Injustice Year Five

Injustice Catwoman

Sword Woman Art by Ken Kelly

Cover art by Ken Kelly. Published 1977 by Ace.

Collection of tales featuring Agnes de Chastillon (aka Dark Agnes de la Fere) the red-headed swordswoman prototype by Howard that became Red Sonya/Red Sonja.

Red Sonja

Christian Orillo artwork

Artwork by Christian Orillo - webpage

CHristian Orillo - Artwork

Detective Comics #848

Detective Comics 848 - Batman

Art by Dustin Nguyen

Batman #50

Dell'Otto  Batman Fifty

Art by Dell'Otto

Silver Sable and Spider-Man

Silver Sable and Spider-Man

Cover art by Alex Ross

Detective Comics #954

Detective Comics 954


Storm cover art Amazing Spider-Man #26

Amazing Spider-Man #26

Cover art by Kris Anka

Superman is always frowning

Superman Action Comics 977

Action Comics #977

Kal-El just doesn't enjoy life anymore, does he?

Poison Ivy

Brett Weldele - Poison Ivy

Art by Brett Weldele

Mr Freeze

Brent McKee art  - Mister Freeze

Art by Brent McKee

Harley Quinn and Green Lantern

Green Lantern 39 Cover

More Harley Quinn

More Green Lantern


Lynda Carter

Old Man Logan Book

Wolverine: Old Man Logan - Amazon

Art of JOCK The Art of Jock -Amazon.com

Original Page April 16, 2017

Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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John Buscema - 2011 - 2002

Trinity #1 - 2016 - Francis Manapul brings together Diana Prince, Bruce Wayne and the American Alien Superman family for a little dinner get together + wild boar

Perennial Wonder Woman Lynda Carter

Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway

Ace comic book pro Andrew Robinson

Pam Grier

Calvin and Hobbes

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman