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Valentines Day Batman

Batman Valentines Day

Iron Fist

Iron Fist

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Internet rumor mill: Affleck wants out of Batman altogether

Affleck Batman No More

Affleck parachuted away from the director responsibilities for the scheduled The Batman movie, and now various sites around the Information Super Highway speculate Affleck is trying to maneuver himself out from under the cape and cowl entirely. The usual analysis say that if this is true it points to the chaos that can't seem to go away at the superhero movie division at Warners. Alternative analysis says this is just a rumor and if Affleck hits the news again shortly swearing fidelity to the bat-cape, then this news story can be trash canned. But, considering the mess that has surrounded the DC Entertainment movies since before Batman V Superman even hit theatres, there's certainly a chance this "I want out of the asylum" story could be "true".

Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz

Green Lanterns #6

Harley Quinn

Dont move Harley Quinn - issue 24Grow a spine why dont you

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Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg

Batman Aquaman Cyborg

None of this is true

Batman none of this true

Source ginasauthenticstolenpolicebadges tumblr

Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz - Green Lanterns 6

Green Lanterns #14

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Gambit by Mike Caprotti

Art by Mike Caprotti

The Web

THE WEB - Art by Alberto Cortes - Venom and Spider-Man

Art by Alberto Cortes

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman