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ARCHIVE PAGE 778 - Jan 2017


Batman vs Joker

Joker and Batman - David Michael Beck art

Art by David Michael Beck

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Wonder Woman

Rudy AO art - Wonder Woman

Art by Rudy Ao

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Harley Quinn Haircut

Harley Quinn 16Harley Quinn Mohawk

Harley Quinn #5

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Adrian Tomine - New Yorker Jan 2017

Art by Adrian Tomine

Hulk jump high

Hulk vs Monster Jump High

Wonder Woman 15

Wonder Woman 15 - Art by Jenny Frison

Art by Jenny Frison

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Batman Strikes

Batman Strikes - Jim AParo Art

Detective Comics #438, Dec 1973 - reprint edition from Tales of the Batman - Archie Goodwin 2013 hardback collection.

A Monster Walks Wayne Manor
Written by Archie Goodwin, 12 pages
Art by Jim Aparo

In this 1973 Detective Comics tale, Batman/Bruce Wayne is living in a downtown Gotham City penthouse apartment, but when Wayne Manor (well outside of town in a rural setting) is vandalized by teenagers, Alfred decides to check on the closed-up manor house only to get attacked and nearly killed in the process. Police investigations don't provide an explanation for who did the attack, but they suspect someone is hiding inside the enormous structure.

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Jim Aparo Batman Art  - Detective Comics 438 - 1973

Alex Ross Wonder Woman

Art by Alex Ross

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Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman