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Deathstroke 15

Star Wars the Force Awakens - $2 billion+

It might be out on home media now (Star Wars: The Force Awakens + Bonus Features - Amazon ) but it's still playing around the world in various theaters, and has piled up a remarkable $2,064,142,689 billion in gross, which puts the movie just behind Avatar and Titanic in all time worldwide earnings for all films.

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Spider Women 1 Alpha

Art by Yasmine Putri




Wonder Woman Diego Llorente Art

Art by Diego Llorente

Batman V Superman crosses $800 million mark

After 20 days in release, Warners' big effort to radically expand the cinematic DCU has crossed over the $800 million mark, and looks to be headed for a grand total of somewhere in the mid $850 - 900 million range before ending it's theatre run. To date numbers put it at #8 in the worldwide superhero movie rankings, and it will climb a few more notches before it's all said and done. Any chance at a $1 billion dollar worldwide total is starting to look nearly impossible.

Deadpool is at $757K million, which puts it at #11, just behind Guardians of the Galaxy and out ahead of the Amazing Spider-Man reboot of 2012. Those numbers make Deadpool look particularly good because it's pulled in that money on an initial production budget estimate of only of $58 million. Compare that to Batman V Superman's reported production costs of approximately $400 million.

North American earnings on Batman V Superman $301,201,288 [Source: Boxofficemojo]

Classic Iron Man

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Source: Company Tumblr

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Superman - Wonder Woman - CLark Clark

Batman #220- Neal Adams Cover art

Batman 220 - Neal Adams Cover

Art by Neal Adams

Power Line 1 Cover

Green Lantern - Green Arrow 78

Green Lantern - Green Arrow 78 - Neal Adams

Art by Neal Adams

Doctor Doom

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