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ARCHIVE PAGE 499 - Nov 2015

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Wonder Woman #45

Wonder Woman #45

Art by David Finch

More Wonder Woman

Harley Quinn - Demental

Demental Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn #15, Art by Chad Hardin, inks by John Timms, color by Alex Sinclair and Paul Mounts

Drax #1

Scott Hepburn - Drax 1

Justice League

Justice League by Bobby Rubio

Long Halloween Batman

Tim Sale Art - Long Halloween - Batman

More Tim Sale

Animated Harley Quinn

Animated Harley Quinn

Worlds Finest #179 - 1968

Neal Adams - Worlds Finest 1968

Goldberger Superhero 2Goldberger Superhero 3

Sacha Goldberger Facebook Web Page

Batman - Artwork by Yildiray Cinar

Artwork by Yildiray Cinar

Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley Quinn talk about Arkham

Bryan lee - Hulk

Artwork by Bryan Lee - online art page

Art by Bryan Lee

App manga

Batman Rumour Mill

Rumours of Jason Todd to be featured in the Affleck Batman film - More Jason Todd

One Punch Man

Sam Raimi says he messed up Spider-Man 3 - would like to do reboot

Article at Master Herald

"In a recent interview with a UK publication, Sam Raimi admits that he messed up with “Spider-Man 3,” but he says that he would love to be given a shot at possible redemption, alluding perhaps with Marvel’s upcoming reboot of the web-slinging superhero, notes IGN.

Raimi also admits that it was just wishful thinking on his part when he added that he thinks that Marvel is so complete now and that the studio would probably not need him anymore.

...While having Sam Raimi directing the “Spider-Man” movie reboot is not a remote possibility given how he handled the first “Spider-Man” trilogy, his style may not mesh well with the vision of Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige for the franchise."

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare (Rocket Girl) and artist Natacha Bustos (Spider-Woman)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 3 Cover

Jack Kirby - Devil Dinosaur #2, May 1978

Devil Dinosaur #2 Jack Kirby Cover issue 2


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman