ARCHIVE PAGE 399 - May 2015

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Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel by Merky Kerx

Merky Merx art - source: Tumblr

Ancient Wonder Woman


Source: Archeological New - Tumblr Page

Old Man Logan #1

Old Man Logan #1 -Andrea Sorrentino

Old Man Logan #1 art page

Old Man Logan Page Art by Sorrentino

Old Man Logan #1 page

More Wolverine

Groot #2 Cover

Groot 2 cover

Ultron Forever - The New Avengers

Ultron Forever - The New Avengers

More Avengers Comic Books

Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley Quinn talk about Arkham

The Thing #8

The Thing #8 - Art by Andrea Divito

The Thing #8, September 23006, cover by Andrea DiVito and Laura Villari


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