Batgirl 37 Cover Art Cameron Stewart

ARCHIVE PAGE 340- Feb 2015

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Detective Comics Convergence #1

Sienkiewicz Art Huntress and Robin

Art by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz

Don Heck 1973 - Wonder Woman

Don Heck art - Wonder Woman 206

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Sony teaming with Marvel

Spider Man Sony and Marvel

Feb 2015: Marvel and Sony are coming together to make Spider-Man a bona fide member of the cinematic MCU. More on the Marvel Entertainment Page

Batman Eternal Covers

Batman Eternal Cover Batman Eternal Cover Batman Eternal Cover Batman Eternal Cover Batman Eternal Cover Batman Eternal Cover Batman Eternal Cover Batman Eternal Cover

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman Set

Wonder Woman Lynda CarterLynda Carter on set Wonder Woman season 1

Wonder Woman '77 Special

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman 77 Special - Drew Johnson art

Art by Drew Johnson and Matt Haley

Sam Glanzman - USS Stevens

Glanzman USS Stevens 1973

Sam Glanzman's well done (sometimes brilliant) memoir of his years aboard a World War II destroyer fighting in the Pacific. These brief 4-page and 5-page "fillers" were plugged into the back of DC Comic's various war titles throughout the 1970s. Two graphic 'novels' were authored by Glanzman at a later date for Marvel ("A Sailors Story" and "Winds Dreams and Dragons") and an occasional short story would show up elsewhere (in the back of Savage Tales, for example). The last entry in Glanzman's chronicle of his war years appeared in Joe Kubert Presents in 2012.

USS Stevens Glanzman Art 1973

John Wayne Adventure Comics #20

John Wayne Adventure Comics


Batgirl Bryan Valenza

Batgirl by Bryan Valenza - online web site here

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Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

Original Page Feb 2015

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman