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Secret Invasion #1 - Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Secret Invasion

Mike McKone cover art, 2008

Uncanny X-Men Cover - Ororo

Uncanny X-Men 7 Cover Art Storm Ororo

Brave and the Bold 1973 - Jim Aparo

Everyone Keep Cool Batman

CHange my Luck Batman

Brave and the Bold 106 - CoverBrave and the Bold 106 - BatmanBrave and the Bold 106 - Jim AparoBrave and the Bold 106 - Page

The story: "Jet Set Playgirl" Salome Starr sets up a scheme to sell shares in her $10 million dollar inheritance which is shortly due to be delivered, and the symbol of her corporation is a coin with the number "2" on it.

Bob Haney's script for Brave and the Bold #106 has Oliver Queen as one of the unwitting shareholders in the corporation, only to discover they're each being eliminated by "accidents," one by one, until only he is left.

Batman and Green Arrow chase Salome Starr to Switzerland only to discover the 'accidents' are the work of Harvey Dent, the villain with a mania for the number "2" (the two on the coin represents that amount of money the shareholder gets for their initial investment, a guaranteed doubling of their money). Much fighting (on skiis) ensues as Green Arrow and Batman attempt to stop Two-Face from completing his plan to be the last person alive so that he can legally get his hands on Starr's money (the money is intended for a surprisingly non-criminal purpose).

Groovy Batman

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Snow White

More Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, 1937

The Living Mummy #9, Oct 1974

The Living Mummy Gil Kane artwork issue 9 1974

Cover art by Gil Kane

Rima the Jungle Girl

Rima the Jungle Girl

Above: Redondo art from issue #6.

Redondo - Rima the Jungle Girl Artwork

The Comics Code Authority

Comics Code Authority

John Tyler Christopher Thunderbolts #170

John Tyler Christopher Thunderbolts #170

John Tyler Christopher Thunderbolts #170

Mask of the Phantasm - Bruce Timm

Mask of the Phantasm

Mask of the Phantasm Bruce Timm 1Mask of the Phantasm Bruce Timm 4Mask of the Phantasm Bruce Timm 2Mask of the Phantasm Bruce Timm 3

More Bruce Timm


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad the Movie

New Suicide Squad #14, Jan 2014, Cover by Juan Ferreyra

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Cover Ken Lashley

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Ken Lashley Cover - Regulus

Suicide Squad #13, Dec 2012, Page by Cliff Richards

Suicide Squad #19, June 2013, Double-Cover by Cliff Richards

Brave and the Bold #27, Dec 1959, Suicide Squad "Task Force X" cover

More Harley Quinn

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman