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Neal Adams cover art - Detective Comics #415

Neal Adams Detective Comics 415

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Don Heck 1971 Batgirl

Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 1Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 2Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 3Don Heck Batgirl Art - 1971 Detective Comics 415 - 6

From Detective Comics #415, September 1971

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Dave Johnson Wonder Woman redesign

Dave Johnson Wonder Woman - Batman

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Trick or Treat

Yvonne Craig Trick or Treat Halloween

More Yvonne Craig, Batgirl from Batman 1966

Mike Maihack Batgirl, Supergirl and Harley

Mike Maikack Batgirl

The Mike Maihack website

Howard Porter - Justice League 3000 #3 Cover

Howard Porter Artwork

See the entire cover Justice League 3000 #3

Revised Marvel Movie Release Schedule

Marvel amps up it's schedule slightly on the heals of Benedict Cumberbatch coming on board as Doctor Strange. This slate looks like a 2 billion dollar production investment by DIsney/Marvel. Look for an eventual DC Comics/Warners reaction with their schedule jiggling a bit - - the two companies are steadily maneuvering their titles like chess pieces in order to capture the best release weekends and holidays.

Marvel Movie Schedule

If the bubble doesn't burst, and the next releases from Marvel & DC continue to bring in huge piles of cash, watch for the scheduling war to get even more populated with titles.

The list of Top Earning Superhero Comic Book Movies

Marvel Digital - $9.99 a month

Marvel DIgital

Marvel's digital offerings are timed to follow print releases by a 6 month gap. Marvel's price point seems intended to compete against other online digital subscriptions (such as Netflix) which cost about the same for month-to-month pricing.

Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Deadline Hollywood puts all their chips on Cumberbatch, saying that Joaquin Phoenix is out and Marvel's deal with Benedict Cumberbatch is a sure thing.

The film itself is already slated for July 8, 2016 - - see the whole list of Coming Superhero Movies.

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Erik Larson Amazing Spider-Man 346

Amazing Spider-Man 346 - Erik Larson art

Swamp Thing Arthur Adams

Arthur Adams Swamp Thing Arthur Adams

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Worlds Finest #204 - Neal Adams Cover

Worlds Finest 204 Wonder Woman and Superman

Superman and (the powerless) Wonder Woman, Neal Adams art, August 1971

Terry Dodson art - Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn

Terry Dodson artwork Poison Ivy

Amanda Conner Cover Harley Quinn #9

Amanda Conner Cover art Harley Quinn 9

More Amanda Conner art

More Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn covers by Amanda Conner

John Timms art, Harley Quinn #9

Splash Page John Timms artwork - Harley Quinn #9Harley Page John Timms artwork - Harley Quinn #9

Fantastic Four

Arthur Adams

More Arthur Adams


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