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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes $700 million

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Caesar

Oct 22, 2014: Caesar and company have crossed the $700 million dollar mark for international box office earnings. (Source Box Office Mojo)

Domestic - $208,285,945
Foreign - $492,195,139
Worldwide total $700,481,084

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Paul Pope Batman

Paul Pope Batman

From Batman Black and White

Batwoman #13 Cover (detail)

Batwoman 13 Cover Detail

Click to view the J H Williams III cover.

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Frank Cho Thor Ultimates

Frank Cho THor Ultimates #4

"Ack! What is This?" Frank Cho artwork from Marvel Comics New Ultimates #4,
December 2010. See the entire page

Thor by Stephanie Hans

Thor by Stephanie Hans

Saw this online at the Stephanie Hans web site.

Detective Comics Future's End

Detective Comics Futures End One Shot Fabok Cover

Detective Comics Futures End One ShotDetective Comics Futures End One Shot

Detective Comics Futures End One Shot 2-page spread

Batman #31 cover - Dick Sprang art

Dick Sprang Batman Cover issue 31

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Action Comics' number 1

Action Comics Number 1

Unique ebay auction that is selling just the corner off the cover of a copy of Action Comics #1 - this allows the owner to, as the seller advertises on the page, to literally (and truthfully) state that they own a "Action Comics #1."

More: An actual complete cover of Action Comics #1


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman