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Alex Ross - The Lost Episode

Alex Ross Batman The Lost Episode Two-Face

Batman '66 - The Lost Episode, cover art by Alex Ross

Benoit Lapray Photography - Superheroes

Benoit - 4 Wonder WomanBenoit - 1 SupermanBenoit - 2 ThorBenoit - 3 CatwomanBenoit - 5 BatmanBenoit - 6 SpidermanBenoit - 7 Captain AmericaBenoit - 8 Iron-Man

Series of Superhero themed photography titled "The Quest for the Absolute" - from Benoit Lapray Photography

Steve Rude - Wonder Woman

Steve Rude Wonder Woman

Suicide Squad #21

Suicide Squad 21 page by ZircherSuicide Squad 21 Cover by Jason Pearson

More Suicide Squad

More Jason Pearson



Art by Ronsalas - web site here

Rocket Raccoon - Jason Latour cover art

Rocket Raccoon 5 Cover Art

From Rocket Raccoon #5 Variant Cover Art

Nick Cardy Unexpected Covers

Nick Cardy Cover art Unexpected 139Nick Cardy Cover art Unexpected 139Nick Cardy Cover art Unexpected 139Nick Cardy Cover art Unexpected 139

More Nick Cardy artwork

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Luis DoMinguez Unexpected Cover 1979

Luis Dominguez Unexpected 189

More Luis Dominguez artwork Weird Mystery #10, 1974

Marvel Girl and X-23 by Stuart Immonen

Marvel Girl

More Stuart Immonen

More X-23

Marvel Girl by Louie Joyce

Marvel Girl by Louie Joyce

More art at the Louie Joyce website

Hermann - "The Survivors - Talons of Blood" 1982

Survivors by Hermann

Hermann's post-race-war USA is a quasi-wild-west and dystopia thrown together. See the entire page, enlarged.

Adam Hughes - Catwoman

Adam Hughes Catwoman

More Catwoman

More Adam Hughes

Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein ink Illustration

Wrightson Frankenstein Illustration

Bernie Wrightson illustration for his Mary Shelley Frankenstein book project. Click to see illo enlarged.

More Frankenstein

Cameron Stewart "Bedazzled" cover Batgirl #37

Batgirl 37 COver Cameron Stewart

This issue comes out Dec 14, 2014

More Batgirl

Splash Page, Batman Family #8, 1976

Batman Family splash page 1976 art by Novick - Catwoman

More Batman Family

Szymon Kudranski - Detective Comics #5

Szymon Kudranski Detective Comics #5 coverSzymon Kudranski Detective Comics #5 cover


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman