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Batman and Ras al Ghul - Cover #32

Batman and Ras Al Ghul 32

"You'll feel reborn!"

Catwoman #35 - Joshua Middleton

Catwoman 35 Cover Middleton

Variant cover by Joshua Middleton for the Catwoman "DC Comics Monster variant" series.

Bob Oksner cover 1973 - Lois Lane 129

Lois Lane 129 Bob Oksner Cover

More Lois Lane

Kirby Monsters on the Prowl

Jack Kirby Monsters on the Prowl

Monsters On The Prowl #26, June 1973, cover art by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers

Cover to Wonder Woman #38

Wonder Woman Finch

More David Finch

Hulk vs Thor

Hulk vs Thor

Saw this atg Tumblr

Batman & The Spirit

Batman and the Spirit

See a sequence from the Batman & Spirit One-Shot, 2007

Kaluta 1987 - Spectre #2 Cover

Kaluta cover art - The Spectre #2 1987

More Spectre

More Kaluta

Wrightson promo art for The Cult, 1988

Wrightson Promo art the CUlt

More Wrightson

Poison Ivy

Joe Benitez Poison Ivy 3

Joe Bentiez - Poison Ivy 823

More Poison Ivy, Joe Benitez art

Rima the Jungle Girl 1975

Rima the Jungle Girl

Rima the Jungle Girl #6, Feb 1975, Redondo page c

More Rima the Jungle Girl

Aquaman 34 Nick Cardy

Nick Cardy

Dick Sprang Batman

Dick Sprang Batman 25 Cover

Dick Sprang redrawing of his cover to Batman #25, Oct-Nov 1944.

Firestorm being added to Flash Series Character Lineup

Firestorm Zero Cover

Actor Victor Gerber is joining Flash as Dr. Martin Stein, half of the fusion-enabled hero FireStorm. The other half of the character is played by Robbie Amell (as Ronnie Raymond.)

Mike Mignola - Batgirl, 1988

Mignola - Batgirl SPecial cover 1988

More Batgirl

Shawn McManus - Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman

Shawn McManus - Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman

Shawn McManus art - online web site


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