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Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange

Chris Samnee artwork - more on the Samnee Tumblr site

More Dr. Strange

Batman #35 Cover

Batman 35 Cover

Gotham Girls - Cat in the Hand

Gotham Girls - CatwomanGotham Girls - CatwomanGotham Girls - CatwomanGotham Girls - CatwomanGotham Girls - CatwomanGotham Girls - Catwoman

More Gotham Girls

Lady Thor - Adam Hughes

Lady Thor Adam Hughes

More Adam Hughes

Gotham Academy #1 Cover

Gatham Academy Issue 1 Cover

Dec 2014 issue

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon More on the Flash Page

Shelly Moldoff - Flash Comics #1, 1940

Moldoff Cover art - Flash Comics #1 1940 First Issue

First issue of Flash Comics, 1940, with a Sheldon Moldoff cover. M. C. Gaines (father of E.C. Comics publisher William Gaines) was the publisher at All-American Comics.

More Flash

Batman '66 #17 - Mike Allred Art

Mike Allred Batman 17 1966

More Mike Allred

More Batman '66 Comic Book Series

Fantastic Four Unlimited

Fantastic Four Hulk

Batman Family #13, 1977

Batman Family 13 Cover art by Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo cover art. More Batman Family.

P. Craig Russell Conan the Barbarian

P Craig Russell Conan

More of the P. Craig Russell Conan the Jewels of Gwahlur

Detective Comics #3

Detective Comics 3 Joker Page

Gotham showing good numbers in it's third week

More on the Gotham TV Show Page

Supremes say "no" to hearing Siegel/Shuster copyright case

Oct 6, 2914: This wasn't unexpected: The Supreme Court declined the petition to take on the long-running Superman Copyright War between DC/Warners and the Siegel and Shuster families. More on the Superman Copyright Wars Legal Page

Fifty Percent Off

Sin CIty 50 Percent Off

Not a good sign for the Frank Miller franchise.

Big Barda

Mister Miracle issue 17 - Jack Kirby Big Barda 3

Big All American 1944

Big All American Comic Book 1944


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