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She thought he was dead

Harley Quinn - Joker - Futures End 1

Harley Quinn - Joker - Futures End 2

Harley Quinn - Joker - Futures End 3

Harley Quinn - Joker - Futures End 4

Chad Hardin artwork: Harley Quinn Future's End #1

More Harley Quinn

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter and Roy Rogers

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Dave Johnson cover to Freedom Fighters #1

Freedom Fighters issue 1

See the cover enlarged, Freedom Fighters #1 (second series from 2010 from Palmiotti and Justin Gray).

Art by Dave Johnson

Mike Sekowsky Cover

Justice League of America #62, May 1968, art by Mike Sekowsky

Justice League of America #62, May 1968, art by Mike Sekowsky

More Justice League

I Should Have Known Better: Batman vs Gotham Police

Jim Aparo Detective Comics #445

Jim Aparo, Detective Comics #445, April 1975. See entire page.

Jeffrey Jones - Crocodile

jeffrey Jones Alligator

See panel (from Idyll) enlarged.

All Hail Catwoman

All Hail Catwoman

More Catwoman

Advertising for new Catwoman series - art by Garry Brown

Batgirl #35 promo art

Batgirl 35 promo artwork pictograph

More Batgirl

Jonathan Case Batgirl - Catwoman

Catwoman - Art Jonathan Case

Jonathan Case art from Batman '66 #11, July 2014.

Groot not going before the Supreme Court

Groot Gif Image Still

Sept 2014: Marvel and Disney - - apparently spooked by the possibility that the Supreme Court was going to be digging into the long-line of legal fighting between Jack Kirby's family (Lisa Kirby, Neal Kirby, Susan Kirby and Barbara Kirby) and Marvel (aka Disney), has prompted Marvel/Disney to settle before it moves any further.

If the Supreme Court had started turning over and looking under all the rocks, the possibility of a change of ownership on Captain America, X-Men, Spider-Man, (even Groot) and hundreds more would be put into question.

More on the Kirby vs Marvel case

Lego Catwoman

Lego Catwoman

Saw this on Tumblr

Superman Doomed #2

Cover Superman Doomed #2 Guillem MarchPage Superman Doomer #2 Pinup

More Guillem March

Nancy and Sluggo

1947 SLuggo and Nancy by Bushmiller

Ernie Bushmiller, 1947

More Nancy

The New Iron Fist

Iron Fist Issue1Iron Fist Issue 4

More Iron Fist

Classic Batman Splash Pages

Batman splash page art Batman splash page art

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