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Detective Comics #34

Batman Detective Comics #34 Spread

Francis Manapul artwork, Detective Comics #34. Confusingly, in some panels Batman is the same size as the criminals he fights, but in others (like the final panel on the spread) he is substantially larger. Is he getting larger or are the criminals shrinking?

Cover Detective Comics #34

Guardians at $555,692,034 worldwide

Guardians of the Galaxy

Sept 3, 2014: After 33 days in release, Guardians of the Galaxy has churned along to a $555 million dollar haul, putting it at #18 list of all time earning superhero movies.

Turtles reboot at $279 million

Ninja Teenage Turtles Shredder

Sept 3, 2014: The Director: Jonathan Liebesman directed reboot of Ninja Turtles has piled up $279 million worldwide after 26 days in release, despite middling reviews.

More Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

Megan Fox Ninja Turtles

More Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Spidey 2 closes with $708,294,944 million

Spider-Man 2 Poster in 3D

Sept 3, 2014: After 108 days of release, Sony's big-budget (so big that there's no reliable number on the actual cost, leading many to believe that budget got out of control during production) has left theaters with $708.2 million. This number is about $50 million lower than the first film, and has made Sony rethink their release schedule, such that Amazing Spider-Man 4 was on their schedule and has now vanished, and Spidey 3 has moved to a June 2018 date.

More Amazing Spider-Man 2

Lois Lane

Dick Giardano - cover Lois Lane 114

Classic Lois Lane covers - More Lois Lane

  1. Lois Lane #26 - Cover by Curt Swan
  2. Lois Lane #110 - Cover by Dick Giardano
  3. Lois Lane #112 - Cover by Dick Giardano
  4. Lois Lane #114 - Cover by Dick Giardano
  5. Lois Lane #129 - Cover by Bob Oksner

Lois Lane 26Lois Lane 110Lois Lane 112Lois Lane 129

Birds of Prey #34 - Final Issue

Birds of Prey Final Issue 34Birds of Prey Final Issue 34 2

More Birds of Prey

Paulo Siqueira & Pascal Alixe - Superman / Wonder Woman

Superman Wonder WOman 10 art


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