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ARCHIVE PAGE 241 - July 2014

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Batwing #Zero - Marcus To cover

Batwing Zero Cover

Cover art by Marcus To, Nov 2012.

Terry Dodson Wonder Woman

Terry Dodson Wonder Woman art.

More Dodson

More Wonder Woman

Batgirl art - Jim Lee

Batman and Robin All Star Jim Lee art of Batgirl

All Star Batman and Robin #10, Aug 2008. See page enlarged: Jim Lee Batgirl

Rorschach Issue #2 - Lee Bermejo art

Lee Bermejo Rorschach Artwork

Rorschach #2, December 2012. See this page enlarged.

Jeffrey Jones "Bias" 1972

Jeff Jones Bias 1972

Jeff Jones "Bias" from 1972. See entire page enlarged.

Alex Toth art - Black Canary

Adventure Comics Alex Toth

Adventure Comics #418, April 1972 - view enlarged version.

Stelfreeze Batman art

Brian Stelfreeze Batman

Detective Comics 724, August 1998. Colors by Patrick Martin. Click to enlarge.

Marvel in trouble in Russia?

Businessweek article: Marvel accused of inciting ' Violence and cruelty'

"Russia’s media watchdog agency is investigating whether a forthcoming Russian-language version of the Avengers comic book series makes improper use of Soviet symbols and promotes “violence and cruelty...”

More on the Marvel Worldwide Entertainment page

Apes at $104 million +

July 14, 2014: Estimates put the weekend take at $104 million +.

More on the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes page

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Transformers 4 past $632,563,000 million now

Age of Extinction Transformers

Michael Bay's fourth title in the Hasbro Tranformers franchise of films is producing great numbers.

More Transformers Age of Extinction

Dark Knight, Returns

Dark Knight Returns


Wonder Woman Transformation 1978

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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman