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Enter the Spook

Detective Comics #434

Kaluta and Frank Robbins introduced the character "The Spook" in 1973. Grant Morrison killed off his hapless version of the villain in the "Batson" run of Batman #655-658 in 2006.

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World's Finest Autograph Hounds

Autograph Hound Dick Grayson

Jack Burnley artwork from 1946. See the cover World's Finest #22, 1946 Enlarged.

Cover art Worlds Finest 22 from 1946 - Jack Burnley

Jack Burnley

Detective Comics #109, March 1946, Jack Burnley Cover Art

World's Finest Comics, May-June 1946, Autograph Hounds - Jack Burnley Art

Superman #30, Sep-Oct 1944, Jack Burnley Cover Art

Ethan Wright Wonder Woman redesign

Ethan Writght Redesign Wonder Woman

Ethan Wright art at Pinterest

Amazonia - Elseworlds Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Amazonia

1997 graphic novel that imagines Wonder Woman as a circus performer. See page enlarged

Bugs Bunny Beach Party - 1960

Dell Giant 32 - Aug 1960 - Bugs Bunny Beach Party

Dell Giant 32 - Aug 1960 - Bugs Bunny Beach Party

More Dell Giant Comic covers

"Gotham" TV Show Cast Key

Cast of Gotham TV Show Fox

More on the Gotham TV Show from DC Entertainment

Death of the Superheroes, 1979

Fujitake Death of the Superheroes

The Comics Journal for many decades has had a fairly low threshold of pain when it comes to superheroes. This 1979 cover by Fujitake (for the interior fantasy-article by Steve Skeates) kind of sums up the frustration of the magazine with the most lucrative genre within the comics medium.

See the Fujitake cover enlarged

Frank Robbins - House of Mystery, 1974

House of Mystery 226 Page by Frank Robbins

House of Mystery #226, 1974, Frank Robbins Art. See page enlarged.

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Vintage Life Magazine Bat-Girl Cover

Life Magazine Bat-Girl Cover

Kevin Wada Gamora

Kevin Wada Gamora

Kevin Wada Gamora art - saw this on Tumblr here

More at Wada's web site


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman