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Brian Bolland 1988

Bolland the Comics Journal - British comics

Uncle Sam and John Bull portrait by Brian Bolland for The Comics Journal #122, June 1988. See enlarged.

More Bolland.

Wally Wood - King of the World

Wally Wood King of the World King of the World, album published by Seagate in USA, 1978

Wally Wood Panel - King of the World

Wally Wood art - King of the World

More Wally Wood

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Harley QUinn and Poison Ivy

From Harley Quinn #7, Chad Hardin art

More Harley Quinn

Jack Burnley cover - March 1946

Jack Burnley Cover Detective Comics 109

Jack Burnley cover from 1946. See enlarged.

More Jack Burnley Superman #30, Sep-Oct 1944

Harley Quinn #7 - Splash page

Harkley Quinn and Poison Ivy

The slightest move will kill him!

Brave and the Bold #100

Brave and the Bold #100, Nick Cardy Cover. See enlarged.

More Nick Cardy

Flash Comics 1943, issue 44, Octopus Cover

Lou Ferstadt art - 1943 Flash Comics issue 44 - Octopus Comics

Flash Comics #44, Cover artwork by Lou Ferstadt from August 1943.

More Flash

Frank Cho Wolverine and Shanna the She-Devil Genetic Nazi Experiment

Shanna the She Devil and Wolverine by Frank Cho

Mike Allred cover - Silver Surfer #7

Silver SUrfer 7 Cover by Mike Allred

More Allred

Lee Garbett cover - Loki Agent O' Asgard #6

Lee Garbett Loki Cover

Tradd Moore cover art - Secret Avengers #8

Tradd Moore Secret Avengers 8


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