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Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Black Canary

Joe Quinones Bloodspell Page

Bloodspell graphic novel, May 2014, DC Comics. Story by Paul Dini.

Art by Joe Quinones

Quinones depicts the noses of his super-heroines as having personalities uniquely all their own.

Wonder Woman - Joe Quinones - Bloodspell graphic novel

Zatanna and Plastic Man - Joe Quinones - Bloodspell graphic novel

Black Canary - Bloodspell - Joe Quinones - Bloodspell graphic novel

Big All-American Comics,1944

Big All American Comic Book 1944

Wonder Woman is the lead hero on the front of this "big" anthology book.

Jim Lee, 2003

Batman Cover issue 611 with Catwoman by Jim Lee

Batman and Catwoman, cover art by Jim Lee. Batman #611, March 2003. See enlarged.

Norm Breyfogle Batman

Detective Comics Batman issue 590 Sept 1988

Detective Comics #590, Sept 1988.

Green Power Abuse

Green Lantern 61 - Gil Kane

Gil Kane Green Lantern #61 cover art. See enlarged.

More Gil Kane

Power Ring Trouble

Green Lantern 67 - Gil kane Art

Green Lantern #67, Gil Kane Cover. See enlarged.

Savage Wolverine #19 Cover

Savage WOlverine 19 Cover

The Bat Cycle in Action - Batman #31

Batcycle by Capullo

Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino, 1967 - Deadman

Strange Adventures Deadman

Strange Adventures #205, Oct 1967, see cover enlarged.

Shigeru Mizuki "Night Game"

Shigeru Mizuki Night Game

Alex Ross, 1996

Alex Ross Kingdom Come

Page from Kingdom Come, 1996 (2008 collection, 5th edition). View enlarged.

Guilem March - Gotham City Sirens Catwoman Page

Guillem March Catwoman Gotham City Sirens Page 2009

Gotham City Sirens - Guillem March Catwoman art. See enlarged.

More Gotham City Sirens

Harley Quinn #6 - Amanda Conner cover

Harley Quinn Cover issue 6 - Amanda Conner

Harley Quinn #6, July 2014 - cover art by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts.

Harley Quinn cover issue 6 - Amanda Conner

Harley Quinn 6 - Chad Hardin spread art

Chad Hardin - Harley Quinn issue 6 spread

2-page spread from Harley Quinn #6, Chad Hardin art

Joseph Stalin - General Secretary - Soviet Union

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