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Amazing Spider-Man 2 "Yellow" Poster

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Yellow Poster

Amazing Spider-Man 2 "Yellow" poster based on the classic John Romita cover.

Amazing Spider-Man #121 John Romita

Amazing Spider-Man #121, cover art by John Romita, view enlarged.

All the Spider-Man Suits

All the Spiderman Suits 1

More about the Spider-Man outfits - chart built by Mashable Infographics.

Agent Venom Reporting for Duty

Agent Venom Reporting for Duty

Agent Venom - art by Nick Bradshaw and Scott Hana (inks). From the Free Comic Book Day Marvel Comics giveaway movie promo, Guardians of the Galaxy 2014.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cover

Cover by Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor

Irwin Hasen art - Green Lantern & Harlequinn

Green Lantern 26

Green Lantern 29

More Irwin Hasen

Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Green Lantern #26, June-July 1947, Irwin Hasen Cover art

Green Lantern #29, Dec 1947 - Jan 1948, Harlequin Irwin Hasen Cover art

Green Lantern #61, June 1968, Green Power Abuse

Green Lantern #67, March 1969, Gil Kane Cover

Green Lantern #87, Dec 1971 - Jan 1972, Neal Adams / Dick Giordano cover

Green Lantern #89, April-May 1972, Neal Adams - Christ-image

No One Can Stop Superman - World's Finest 247

Worlds Finest 247 - SUperman Fascist

More World's Finest

World's Finest #247, cover art by Jose Lius Garcia-Lopez, Dick Giordano, and Tatjana Wood colors. November 1977.

Classic 1950s Batman

It is sobering to think that the comic books of today will in sixty years look as crazy (and hilarious) as these issues of Detective Comics do.

Detective Comics 256

Detective Comics 240 Detective Comics 241 Detective Comics 243 Detective Comics 251 Detective Comics 253 Detective Comics 265 Detective Comics 266 Detective Comics 269

"Batman isn't an earthman at all - - he's from another world."

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