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Batman Action Figure Index

DC Comics has presented an illustrated Batman action figure checklist in commemoration of the 75th year of the Caped Crusader.

Batman action figure checklist

Batman action figure checklist List

See the graphic checklists enlarged.

Incredible Hulk #180 - Herb Trimpe cover

Incredible Hulk 180 Herb Trimpe

The first appearance of Wolverine took place in Incredible Hulk #180, Oct 1974. Read more at the Wolverine Page.

The artwork shown below is coming up at auction at Heritage Auctions on May 15, 2014.

Herbe Trimple Wolverine by Herb Trimpe - First Appearance

More Wolverine

Record Setting Comics Book Sales

2014 - Action Comics #1 ebay auctions for $3.2 million

2013 - Dark Knight Returns cover #2 art $478,000

2013 - Batman No 1 - Auctions for $565,525

2012 - "Billy Wright" Detective Comics #27 sells for $523,000

2011 - Dark Knight Returns #3 splash page sells for $448,125

2010 - Detective Comics #27 goes for $1,075,500 USD

2010 - Weird Science-Fantasy #29 cover art sells for $380,000 USD

2009 - Detective Comics number #1 auctions for $17,000 USD

Capullo Batman

Capullo Batman

More Greg Capullo

Nancy - Snowdrift, 1951

Nancy Snowdrift 1951

More Nancy by Bushmiller

1940 Bob Kane / Jerry Robinson

Bob Kane and jerry Robinson

Back cover of Detective Comics #38, April 1940. Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson art.

See this 1940 back cover Batman pin-up art enlarged.

Criminal Macabre

Criminal Macabre Christopher Mitten Artwork

Art by Christopher Mitten from "Criminal Macabre Part IV." Dark Horse Presents #13, June 2012 Cover Date. See the entire page.

Dollhouse cover, Catwoman #12

Catwoman #12 Cover

More Guillem March


Justice League Gary Frank Page B

Tatsumi - All it needs is a simple repair

Tatsumi - Abandon the Old in Tokyo 1

Tatsumi - Abandon the Old in Tokyo 2

tatsumi - Abandon the Old in Tokyo 3

Tatsumi  Abandon the Old in Tokyo 4

From Tatsumi's story collection Abandon the Old in Tokyo. Read more.

Justice League 29 - Cyborg

Justice League 29 Page - Cyborg


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