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Dave Johnson and Andrew Robinson: Superman Red Son

Superman and Wonder Woman - Red Son

Wonder Woman pages from the new collection of the 2003 Mark Miller/Dave Johnson/Andrew Robinson counter-epic Superman Red Son.

More Andrew Robinson

Superman and Wonder WomanSuperman and Wonder Woman Cover art

Captain America II already clearing $300 million

Winter Soldier Captain America

April 6, 2014: Captain America Winter Soldier has made $39 million USD just in China, the world's second largest theater market, so far this weekend. Grand totals for this sequel (the original Captain America the First Avenger made $368.6 Million in 2011) now stand just over $300 million worldwide.

Top Earning World Wide Superhero Films

List Updated May 8, 2017

*Currently in release in movie theatres

  1. The Avengers (2012 Marvel Studios) $1,511,757,910 Billion
  2. Avengers Age of Ultron (2015 Marvel Studios) $1.402 Billion
  3. Iron Man 3 (2013 Marvel Studios) $1,212,795,474 Billion
  4. Captain America Civil War: $1,153,294,011
  5. Dark Knight Rises (2012 Warners) 1,081,036,828 Billion
  6. The Dark Knight (2008 Warners Bros) $1,004,558,444 Billion
  7. Spiderman 3 (2007 Sony) $890.9 Million
  8. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice (Warners 2016) $872,662,631
  9. Spiderman (2002 Sony) $821.7 Million
  10. Spiderman 2 (2004 Sony) $783.8 Million

24. Logan (2017 Fox) $608,578,340 million

29. Kong: Skull Island (2017 Warners) - $564,400,039 Worldwide

32. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017 Marvel-Disney) $431,548,346 Million

45. The LEGO Batman Movie (2017 Warners) $310,032,902 Worldwide

52.Ghost in the Shell (2017 Paramount) - $168,352,290 million worldwide

53.Power Rangers (2017 Lionsgate) - $135,180,272 worldwide

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The Marvel Comics Movie List - 44 released, 10 coming

See a general list of Upcoming Superhero Movies

Dave Bullock art: Batman Rides

Dave Bullock Batman art - Batman Black and White 1

Dave Bullock Batman art - Batman Black and White 2

Dave Bullock Batman art - Batman Black and White 3

Dave Bullock Batman art - Batman Black and White 4

Dave Bullock Batman art - Batman Black and White 5

Dave Bullock Batman art - Batman Black and White 6

Dave Bullock artwork, Batman Black and White #2.

Shawn McManus Creeper Cover #5

Creeper art by Shawn McManus issue 5

Cover by Shawn McManus - see cover art enlarged.

Brian Bolland cover Spirit #26

Brian Bolland Spirit Cover

See enlarged

More The Spirit

Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland

The Killing Joke, DC Comics 1988, Bolland Joker art

Camelot #5, April 1983, cover art by Brian Bolland

Spirit #26 cover Art by Brian Bolland

Uncle Sam and John Bull, Comics Journal #122 June 1988, Bolland Cover

Ant-Man must not escape

Ant-Man must not escape Steve Ditko

Wolverine, Punisher, Iron-Man confront Ant-Man - art by Steve Ditko.

Savage Wolverine 16

Page Savage Wolverine by Isanove

Savage Wolverine 16 - cover, art and story by Richard Isanove. Wolverine in suspenders fights a jail house mob.

Cover Savagae Wolverine 16 Page by Isanove for Savage Wolverine 16

Nancy - in the cold, 1946

Nancy Furnace break

Ernie Bushmiller uses one of his in-jokes that helped make his strip unique (it's still running, though by other hands. Bushmiller began using assistants in 1979 after his diagnoses with Parkinson's disease). More Nancy

Batman in Crime Alley

Batman in Crime Alley Ha Ha Ha

Manapaul & Buccellato Batman

Batman Detective COmics 30

Detective Comics #30, June 2014. See entire page.


Lynda Carter

Old Man Logan Book

Wolverine: Old Man Logan - Amazon

Art of JOCK The Art of Jock

Original Page April 12, 2014
Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

Other Pages:

John Buscema - 2011 - 2002

Trinity #1 - 2016 - Francis Manapul brings together Diana Prince, Bruce Wayne and the American Alien Superman family for a little dinner get together + wild boar

Perennial Wonder Woman Lynda Carter

Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway

Ace comic book pro Andrew Robinson

Pam Grier

Calvin and Hobbes

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman