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Capullo Batman - up to his neck

Batman art detail greg Capullo

The end of the "Zero Year' plotline concludes in issue 29 with Batman battling The Riddler and Dr. Death (Dr. Helfern).

See the cover Batman #29 enlarged

Page from Batman #29 enlarged

Capullo Batman Page from issue 29

Infinite Crisis Promo Trailer

Infinite Crisis Wonder Woman

Infinite Crisis Wonder Woman 4

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Rima the Jungle Girl - Nestor Redondo art 1975

Rima the Jungle Girl

Rima the Jungle Girl #6, Feb 1975, Redondo page c

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Andrew C. Robinson art - The Fifth Beatle

Andrew Robinson art the Fifth Beatle

Page from the Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein story. See page enlarged.

This Vivek Tiwary biography is a carefully crafted telling of The Beatles manager Brian Epstein (deceased 1967) who promoted the group and 'packaged' them from a scruffy Liverpool rock-and-roll band into an impeccably stylish pop group. Andrew Robinson's artwork caricatures the famous 'fab-four' with sharp-likenesses and beautiful coloring. Kyle Baker draws a special apocalyptic phantasy section. READ MORE

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Wired-Superman, Gary Frank cover

Gary Frank Superman in Action Comics 861

Gary Frank art to Action Comics 861. See cover enlarged.

Curt Swan Superman 1962

Last Days of Superman 1962 - Curt Swan Art

1962 Curt Swan artwork. Superman is terminally ill and proceeds to say goodbye to Batman, Robin, Supergirl, Lois Lane and the earth in general. Reprinted into the Limited Collector's Edition "Best of DC Comics" 1977 over-sized edition.

See the splash page enlarged.

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Last Days of Superman 1 Last Days of Superman 2 Last Days of Superman 3

Gluyas Williams

From the Robert Benchley collection titled Of All Things, published by Henry Holt, New York., 1921

Glyas Williams Deaf

Gluyas Williams Story Telling

Williams Gluyas Young Boy Reading

Drew Friedman art - Jack Benny

Jack Benny By Drew Friedman

My Mom Made It

Lois and CLark - my mom made this cape 1

Lois and CLark - my mom made this cape 2

Lois and CLark - my mom made this cape 3

Lois and CLark - my mom made this cape 4

From Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Supermn with Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman