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Adrian Alphona art - MS Marvel

Alphona artwork Ms Marvel

More Ms Marvel

Wrapped-up Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 161

"Golden Age Villain Surprise Package." Wonder Woman #161 - Pencils: Ross Andru - Inks: Mike Esposito. See the artwork enlarged.

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See Ross Andru and Mike Esposito Wonder Woman

Batman vs Hush

Batman vs Hush - Nguyen Artwork 1

Batman vs Hush - Nguyen Artwork 2

Batman vs Hush - Nguyen Artwork 3

See the entire page from Detective Comics #847 enlarged here.

Justice League 3000 Covers

Justice League 3000 issue 1 by Howard Porter Justice League 3000 issue 2 by Howard Porter Justice League 3000 issue 3 by Howard Porter

Howard Porter Justice 3000 cover issue 4

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Matchbox Dragster

The Lesney Matchbox Dodge Dragster

Aquaman team-up with Batman, 1978

Brave and the Bold 142 cover - Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo cover art of Batman and Aquaman (a character Aparo had worked on many times since 1968). As was usual for the latter 1970's Bob Haney scripts, a minor confrontation between our two heroes will occur before the 'brave and the bold' reconcile their issues and then team together to clobber the villains. See the cover enlarged.

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Sheldon Moldoff - Detective Comics 1961

Detective Comics 289 cover by Sheldon Moldoff

Cover art of Bat-Mite by Sheldon Moldoff - see cover enlarged.

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John Severin - Not Brand Echh - King Kong

King Kong parody by John Severin 1968 Not Brand Echh

John Severin cover to Not Brand Echh #6, 1968 - see enlarged.

Krazy Kat

Krazy Kat 1922

George Herriman's Krazy Kat Click to view larger.

More Krazy Kat

Tony DeZuniga cover - 1971

All Star Western 6 Cover

All-Star Western #6, June-July 1971, DC Comics

More DeZuniga

Frank Cho

Savage Wolverine

Savage Wolverine #2, Apr 2013, Frank Cho Cover


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Box Set Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Box Set

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