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Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood - Mike Allred art

Silver Surfer - Mike Allred

Dawn Greenwood - Mike Allred art from Marvel Point One Issue 1

Mike Allred art - Dawn Greenwood and Silver Surfer from Marvel Point One #1, March 2014. See the entire page enlarged.

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Rich Corben cover for Bat out of Hell

Bat our of Hell

See the 1977 record album cover art enlarged.

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Kurtzman cover Two-Fisted Tales #27, 1952

Harvey Kurtzman Cover art issue 27 of Two-Fisted Tales

Two-Fisted Tales cover by Kurtzman. See enlarged.

Jack Davis cover - Two-Fisted Annual 1953

Jack Davis artwork cover Two-Fisted Tales Annual 1953

Jack Davis art, cover of Two-Fisted Annual 1953, EC Comics. View enlarged.

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Kurtzman cover for Comics Journal #67, 1981

Harvey Kurtzman COmics Journal Cover art 1981

Kurtzman's art from his 1951 "Air Burst" story excerpted for the cover of The Comics Journal #67, Oct 1981, Enlarge to view

Superman, Batman and Robin

Worlds Finest issue 20 - Superman tips the scales

Superman tips the scales. More Worlds Finest Comics

Mighty Mouse and the space race

Dell Giant issue 43 - May 1961 - Mighty Mouse

Dell Giant issue 43 - May 1961 - Mighty Mouse in space

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Ant-Man Movie now opening July 17, 2015


Marvel’s Paul Rudd starring Ant-Man has moved up 2 weeks earlier to fill the space where Zach Snyder's Superman/Batman was going to premier for the summer of 2015. Superman/Batman has been pushed back 10 additional months to a May 2016 date.

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Nguyen cover - Batman and Hush

Nguyen Batman cover Detective COmics 847

Detective Comics 847, Oct 2008. See cover enlarged.

Detective Comics 847 Nguyen art 1 Detective Comics 847 Nguyen art 2 Detective Comics 847 Nguyen art 3 Detective Comics 847 Nguyen art 4 Detective Comics 847 Nguyen art 5

Flash TV show coming

Prep work for the planned Flash series will have it spin out of the Green Arrow Arrow TV Series. Flash / Barry Allen is played by Grant Gustin and will also star Jesse L. Martin as Detective West.

Steve Rude Nexus 2014

Cheese It Nexus Steve Rude At

Steve Rude returns with Nexus art for Dark Horse Presents #31, Dec 2013. Read more

Jim Aparo Detective Comics art - 1975 Batman

Jim Aparo Batman

Batman seems to be losing his mind in Len Wein's first part of his 'Bat-Murderer' 5-part story from Detective Comics, 1975, Jim Aparo art.

See the entire page, enlarged, here.


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