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Reilly Brown - Saint George, Dragonslayer

Saint George Dragonslayer art  - Reilly Brown

Reilly Brown artwork for Saint George Dragonslayer in Dark Horse Presents #31, Dec 2013. See the complete page.

Saint George Dragonslayer Art page

Dark Horse Presents #31 - Saint George Dragonslayer, art by Reilly Borwn (script by Fred Van Lente). See the page enlarged.

Harley Quinn, Blue Sun Tanning

Harley Quinn and Big Tony 1

See a sequence from the assassination attempt on Harley Quinn from the first issue.

Harvey Kurtzman - Hey Look

Kurtzman Hey Look COmic Strip

See the page enlarged.

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Bill Elder 1953 - Mad Magazine

Bill Elder Mad Magazine #5 Cover Bill Elder

See enlarged cover Mad Magazine #5, 1953, Bill Elder Cover

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Wonder Woman #96, from 1951

Wonder Woman 96 from 1951

Ross Andru and Mike Esposito cover for Wonder Woman #96, from Feb 1958.

See cover enlarged.

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Nguyen cover artwork - Batman 2010 Giant

Batman Annual cover art by Dustin Nguyen

See the cover much larger here.

Batgirl #27 cover, Alex Gardner

Batgirl 27 Detail art by Alex Gardner

Batgirl 27 Cover by ALex Gardner

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Spider-Man vs Spider-Boy

M7781 Spiderman

"After Cardy" art by M7781 from tumblr.



Beating up Superman, redux

Frank Miller Superman vs Batman

Above: From Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, 1986.

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Page 12 from Batman/Superman #7, Brett Booth art.

Hero Fight! Batman/Superman #7, March 2014

Batman Superman Spread Issue 7 Brett Booth art

2-page spread from the special "Sideways" issue of Batman/Superman #7, March 2014.

Tim Sale Catwoman

Tim Sale Catwoman

Tim Sale Catwoman art from Solo #1, December 2004. See page enlarged.

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The Coming Tide, 1909

The Coming Tide Howard Pyle

Howard Pyle oil painting from 1909. See the painting enlarged.

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Frazetta "Cony Island" Panel from Squeeze Play


Jean Gerome Ferris "the First Thanksgiving"

Jean Gerome Ferris - the First Thanksgiving

This famed historical painting was recently satirized in Detective Comics.


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman