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Barry Smith 1981 - Epic #7 Cover

Epic issue 7 cover art Barry Smith

Cover to issue #7 from the Archie Goodwin directed color-comics-magazine from Marvel Comics. See the cover art enlarged.

Harley Quinn #1 - Roller Derby

Roller Derby Harley Quinn 1

Art by Chad Hardin and Colors by Alex Sinclair. Harley Quinn #1, Feb 2014, DC Comics.

More Harley Quinn #1, Dec 2013

Harvey Kurtzman Mad #1 - It's Melvin!

Kurtzman Mad Magazine issue 1

See the cover to Mad #1 enlarged.

More Mad

Jolting Tales of Tension

Jack Kamen Shock Suspenstories #13 1954

View the Jack Kamen cover to Shock Suspenstories from 1954 enlarged.

Plaid Stallions - Superhero outfits

Plaid Stallion Batman superhero suits

Catching Fire at $410 million USA, and $838 worldwide

Catching Fire Hunger Games

The franchise has risen into superhero/LotR/Harry Potter boxoffice numbers with the second film in the fantasy series.

"Gotham" TV pilot coming, depicts pre-Batman Commisioner Gordon

January 2014: Directed by Danny Cannon and written by Bruno Heller, the show will air on Fox and is being produced by Warner TV.

Frank Frazetta 1972 - Indian & Cowboy

Indian and Cowboy - Frank Frazetta

Frazetta painted this in 1972 for the DoubleDay Book Club member flyer. See enlarged.

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Batgirl 21 - Alex Gardner Cover


See enlarged - Cover issue Batgirl 21 by Alex Gardner.

More Alex Gardner Batgirl covers.

More Alex Garner

More Batgirl

Guido Crepax - Man from Harlem 1983

Harlem Guido Crepax 1983

Man from Harlem Guido Crepax 1 Man from Harlem Guido Crepax 2 Man from Harlem Guido Crepax 3

The Living Mummy

The Living Mummy in Supernatural Thrillers #11, February 1975, cover by Frank Brunner

Supernatural Thrillers #11 - cover art by Frank Brunner


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Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman