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Wonder Woman #611 cover art

Wonder Woman 611 Cover art

Wonder Woman #611 Cover by Joshua Middleton. See entire cover here.

More Wonder Woman

More Joshua Middleton

Vintage promo art for Batman Year One

David Mazzucchelli art 1986

Mazzucchelli Batman Year One Poster

See Mazzucchelli Poster art enlarged

Flaming Carrot Comics, #14

FFlaming Carrot #14

Bob Burden's counter-superhero comic Flaming Carrot #14- See entire cover enlarged.

John Barrymore - Don Juan 1926 Silent Movie

Don Juan

The Murder of Abraham Lincoln

Murder of Abraham Lincoln

Art detail from the 'Stafford Room' page in Rick Geary's book The Murder of Abraham Lincoln. See entire page.

Batman Towel 2-piece Set

Batman Towel Set

Gerry Talaoc - Unknown Soldier art, 1975

Unknown Soldier by Gerry Talaoc

See the entire page enlarged.

1978 - Wonder Woman "bullet deflecting action"

Wonder Woman art Jim Aparo

See the entire sequence

Wonder Woman Returns

Starting tonight is is officially 1975 again on the ME-TV network. December 27, beginning at 8 PM / 7 C, watch the original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, kicks off the return of the series for a complete run of all 60 episodes on ME-TV.

DC Character Chess Set

DC Eaglemoss Chess Set


From Eaglemoss

Joe Kubert page - Little Sure Shot

Little Sure Shot - Joe Kubert art

More Joe Kubert

From the Joe Kubert / Brian Azzarello Between a Rock and a Hard Place graphic novel, 2004 Joe Kubert artwork. See pages:

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, 2004, Joe Kubert page 1

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, 2004, Joe Kubert page 2

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, 2004, Joe Kubert page 3

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, 2004, Joe Kubert page 4

A Batman and Robin Christmas Adventure

1948 Win Mortimer Cover

Batman #45 - Christmas Cover

See this "Batman and Robin Christmas Adventure" cover enlarged.

More Win Mortimer

Wonder Woman - alias Miss Santa Clause

1945 H. G. Peter art Cover

Sensation Comics 38 Wonder Woman Santa Clause

See cover enlarged.

More H G Peter art

Amazonia - Wonder Woman

1997 Elseworlds Graphic Novel of Wonder Woman in Victorian England

Wonder Woman Amazonia Cover Art

Amazonia - 1997 Graphic Novel by William Messner-Loebs (script) and Phil Winslade (art). Wonder Woman is a stage performer in Victorian-era England and doesn't remember that she is in fact Diana Prince, survivor of a brutal invasion of Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman Amazonia Page

See this page enlarged.

Dragon Hoard of Hobbit II

Dragon Hoard of Smaug

Desolation of Smaug is piling up the gold coins, though not at the same pace as Hobbit I Unexpected Journey. Read More

The Hobbit Movies

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Know your dwarves: The dwarves of the Hobbit

Best of DC Cover 1983 aka Years Best Comics Stories

The Best of DC #35 - Years Best 1983

See the cover enlarged

More Ed Hannigan


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