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Batman '66 cover issue 4

Mike Allred draws Adam West & Crew

Batman '66 Cover art issue 4

See the cover art Batman '66 #4 enlarged.

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It's Official: World War Z Sequel announced

The $540 million-dollar-earning action/zombie movie which had a hastily revamped final 1/3rd ending to tie up the story neatly has spawned an official sequel effort and has a director assigned to it (Juan Antonio Bayona, who made disaster-pic The Impossible). The problem for the sequel is figuring out a storyline that makes sense, because in the original film, star Brad Pitt conquered the zombie horde with science, leaving little room for a logical continuation of the plague.

World War Z Poster

New Godzilla Trailer

The reboot of the famed Japanese city-masher is directed by Gareth Edwards.

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Batman '66 cover issue 5

Mike Allred cover introduces Batgirl

Mike Allred Batgirl

Batman 66 cover issue 5 by Mike Allred

See the cover art enlarged

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Here comes Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

The first Spidey reboot made $753 million worldwide. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set for international release on April 16, 2014, and domestic markets (with newly added IMAX versioning) on May 2, 2014.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Also see The Paternity of Spider-Man

Portman and Hemwsworth Thor vs Thor

Thor vs. Thor

Dark World beats out Thor I

Total earnings so far on Thor Dark World puts it at $791 million in worldwide grosses. Thor I earned $630 million during its worlwide run.

The first Thor (premiered May 2011) was budgeted at $150 million, and Thor 2 at $170 million.

Loki Hiddleston

Nick Cardy Super DC Giant - Love 1970

Love Super Giant 1970 - Cover by Cardy

Nick Cardy artwork. See Love 1970 cover enlarged.

Amazing Fantasy #16 Starring Spider-Man

Paul Lee Cover SPider-Man Amazing Fantasy 1995

1962 Kirby introduces Spider-Man

Jack Kirby Spider-Man 1962 first appearance

Amazing Fantasy #15, Aug 1962, Jack Kirby Spider-Man

Aaron Kuder cover for Action Comics #28

Aaron Kuder Superman cover Action Comics 28

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Chad Hardin Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn CHad Hardin Artwork

Chad Hardin Harley Quinn artwork

Leinil Yu

Leinil Yu

Leinil Yu Avengers

Graphic Novel Bestsellers

Joe Kubert Tarzan 1972 Cover art

Chris Hemsworth Thor

Weird War 117 Cover artwork

Chris Hemsworth Thor 3

Gerry Talaoc Unknown Soldier


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